Show, Don’t Tell – The Importance of Website Photo Galleries on Business Websites

Photo Gallery

One of the strongest assets to a business’s website is a comprehensive photo gallery to display products and services. On the surface, photo galleries are useful in displaying the quality of your business’s product or services, and helps to create a visually dynamic and appealing website. But deeper than that, they show customers they can trust your company to deliver the kind of quality of products and services your business proclaims. Most people need to see photos to be convinced that a product or service is suitable for their needs and to reinforce the reputation of your business. Having photos to openly display what your business offers, shows customers that you are proud of your product and you’re not afraid to show it to them upfront.

Photos can essentially act as evidence of the qualities your business possesses, and indirectly conveys the message, “THIS is why we are the best at what we do.” Although photos can be doctored and misleading, honest businesses who offer photo galleries, can rest assured that what the customer sees is what the customer will receive when they purchase your products or services. This is one of the first steps to gaining a customer’s trust, and more importantly their loyalty. In most cases, telling a customer that you offer a high quality product can only get you so far. With today’s focus being on media and visual stimulation, the philosophy “show, don’t tell” is more commonly being used to and goes a long way when drawing in new potential customers.

For example, an event planner’s website not only displays individual photos of the products they offer, but it also displays photos of events and parties where their products were used. These photos help validate that their products achieve their desired effect and help to attain a beautiful event. For certain businesses, like an event organizer, photos help the customer envision what they want their event to look like which will help achieve higher sales.

Sample Photo Gallery
Roofer Photo Gallery

General contracting companies also provide an ideal example of how photo galleries can solidify a customer’s trust in a company. For example, a roofer’s website includes a photo gallery of finished work in the various areas of service the company provides. This helps potential customers see first hand that they are qualified to perform their advertised services. Homeowners are especially sensitive in trusting a business as they are turning over their most prized possession, their home, to a group of strangers. Being able to see examples of previous work gives homeowners a certain sense of security in knowing the business can be trusted to execute a flawless job with such a cherished and essential commodity.

Aside from the obvious appeal of a photo gallery in attracting a customer’s visual attention, offering a photo gallery on your business’s website is the best first step in gaining new customers. When it comes to demonstrating to customers that you offer a quality product or service, showing them through a photo gallery is always more beneficial than just telling them with words.

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