Case Study: Employment Website Design

Project Objectives

To design a website which showcases the job listings from multiple service locations. This new website will also be integrated with their internal employment software.

Target Audience

Job seekers and employers looking to hire specific talents.


This growing company offers employment services to local companies and current postings to job seekers from all across Canada. Our client wanted to build a website that caters to the different service locations but managed under the same website. 

Design Issues (Overview)

The old website was mostly focused on the main location and it was difficult to find information relevant to job seekers versus employers looking for help. 

Design Process (Overview)

The website design created landing pages specific to the job seekers applying, and one for employers to reach out for more information. The homepage was also redesigned to quickly show all available service locations with their respective contact information. Current job listings are embedded on the webpage while data is managed and pulled from a remote server.


With the redesign of the new website, the information presented is more organized for their intended target audience. The various service locations are now visible and accessible from the initial visit. Job postings displayed on the website are updated in real-time from the offices of the different locations. 

June, 2017

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