Case Study: Membership Website Design

Project Objectives

To create a membership website for different client groups serviced by the company.

Target Audience

Landlords, REIT, and property owners/managers.


This new website will need to offer a way for clients to register for an account, free or paid. Contracts will need to be issued upon registration and signed digitally. Once approved, clients can log in, and access documents and information based on the province of interest.

Design Issues (Overview)

Payments will need to be taken online and connected to the different registration forms. Digital signing and contracts are required too. The members area, behind the sign-in page, contains important landlord documents and up-to-date information for all Canadian provinces and territories.

Design Process (Overview)

Choosing the right tools is the key to building this project successfully. Finding the right online payment processor to partner with is also critical and needs to work seamlessly with the online forms. Building the members area is all about planning how the user navigates and quickly finding the correct information.


After the initial launch, some minor tweaking of the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) had to be made based on how the visitors use the website. Overall, it was a successful implementation of the registration forms, payment processor, digital contract signing, and members area. Our client was able to streamline their workflow by auto-approving each registration after a successful online payment and e-signature of the member’s digital contract, and automating email notifications to the recipients. 

February, 2017

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