Case Study: Financial Planner Website Design

Project Objectives

To build a website that can easily be managed by the staff and house all relevant and up-to-date information for the company’s growing clients.

Target Audience

Mature clients with an already established financial portfolio.


As a part of a large wealth management organization, this website redesign requires organization of its content with a back-end admin panel that is easy to manage by its staff to make day-to-day updates and announcements.

Design Issues (Overview)

Their old website was difficult to manage and update content on a regular basis by staff. Content changes to their website requires them to submit change requests to the development team which causes numerous delays and missed opportunities. 

Design Process (Overview)

After all content was organized and planned into a sitemap, the website was built using a content management system (CMS). User accounts were then created for the staff to access and manage the content of their own website. 


With the new website up and running, the staff are now able to make changes to the website’s content when needed. For any technical issues and complex page design, we’re still able to provide assistance using the same backend admin panel. In addition, this new CMS also allows for better organization of company announcements, events, and podcasts into content categories. 

January, 2020

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